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Pathway to Academic Success
(P.A.S.) Program

The program is designed to support A&M-San Antonio students whose institutional G.P.A. has fallen below a 2.0. The program provides individualized coaching sessions to improve study habits, identify and remove obstacles that hinder success, and to determine appropriate resources based on student needs. 


Program Benefits

Individualized Academic Coaching sessions.
Awareness of campus-wide academic resources and/or community resources.
Opportunity to improve academic strategies and tools for success.
Institutional G.P.A. increase with marked success to move back into good standing.


Program Requirements

Program participation is required for students on Scholastic Probation or for students receiving an approved Academic Dismissal Appeal.

Designed with academic success in mind, program requirements for each semester include:  

1. Attend required Probation Orientation (students may not begin program actions until they have attended orientation).
2. Commitment to Completion Form is signed and dated by each student.
3. Meet with an Academic Success Coach.
4. Complete three (3) Academic Recovery Actions based on student's need and/or recommendations from coaching sessions. Options include:
+  Face-to-face appointments
+  Attend G.R.O.W.L. Series
+  Online Blackboard assignments
+  Attend Study Halls
5. 2.0 minimum term G.P.A. requirement for students to continue enrollment for the next term. (see Academic Standing minimum grade requirements)

NOTE: Students will have a registration hold placed on their account until all probation requirements have been met for the semester. Therefore, failure to complete P.A.S. program requirements for the semester will prevent you from registering for the following semester.

 If you have already completed your first appointment this semester with an Academic Success Coach, please call (210) 784-1307 to schedule your follow-up appointment. You may also schedule an appointment online through EAB-Student Success Collaborative (follow the link).