- Upcoming Events -

The Mays Center offers a variety of Workshops and Career Events throughout the year designed to prepare students of every stage of their career journey.  Listed below are our current events scheduled for the academic year.  Please remember to continue to look as employers schedule on-campus table recruitment dates.    


Fall 2018 Events & Workshops

Fall 2018 Career Fair

Thursday, October 4, 1-4 p.m.

Main Campus, Central Acadecmic Building, Room 402
Fall 2018 Graduate and Professional School Fair

Tuesday, October 23, 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Main Campus, Central Acadecmic Building, Room 402
Fall 2018 Educators Fair

Friday, November 9, 10 a.m.-noon

First hour reserved for A&M-SA students and alumni

Main Campus, Central Acadecmic Building, Room 402
San Antonio Colleges and Universities Career Center Association (SACUCCA): Member School Events - click here

How to Prepare for a Career Fair

Career fairs are an excellent way to meet recruiters, look for internships and jobs and research organizations you may be interested in working for now or in the future. The chance to meet face-to-face with employers at these events is a solid addition to your job search. Students of all academic classifications are invited to network with these employers from various career fields. Since you have a short time to make all important great first impression, make sure you are prepared from the start!

Helpful Resources
What to Do and Not Do at a Career Fair

Used with permission from the UCLA Career Center

Before the Career Fair

      • Develop a resume that highlights your accomplishments, skills and experience. Need help creating a killer resume check out our Resume Essentials webpage. Prior to the career fair, have your resume reviewed by Career Services. We accept resumes via email so feel free to contact us. Do not forget to bring plenty of copies to distribute to employers you may be targeting at the fair.
      • Review the list of employers participating in the career fair here. Look at the organizations profile and their targeted majors. Thoroughly research those that interest you and prepare questions to ask them at the career fair.
      • Know yourself before you go. Employers are most interested in candidates who know who they are and what they want.
      • Prepare a 20 to 30 second elevator speech to introduce yourself to employers. Prepare a list of your skills and talents that set you apart from other candidates and be ready to present them to the employer. You can highlight your internships, work experience, academic achievement and characteristics that a candidate would have for the position you are seeking. Here are some things you may want to include in your elevator pitch:

Elements of an Elevator Speech
      • Name
      • School
      • Major
      • Year in school
      • Any relevant credentials you can share to build credibility without boasting
      • Any relevant extracurricular activities in which you are engaged
      • Your career interest both short term and long term
      • Dress professionally.  Career fairs require the same attention to dress as an interview. A dark suit is always appropriate. For more information about what to wear to a career fair check out our Dress for Success guide.


      • Attend the "Career Fair Fiesta" session held prior to the career fair. This event will held give you the tools needed to be a career fair success. For event schedule information visit our events page.


      • Do not bring any unnecessary items to the career fair (i.e. backpacks).

At the Career Fair
      • Be confident and show enthusiasm for each organization. If you are excited about an organization or a position, let the employer know!

      • Give a firm handshake to the recruiter and look them in the eye. Say your name loudly enough that they can hear.

      • Collect business cards from each person you talk to so you can follow up after the career fair.

      • Hand out resumes to each employer. Some employers will still ask you to apply online. This is to comply with federal regulations about the way employers keep data on applicants. While this can be frustrating, it does NOT mean the employer is not interested or does not have opportunities available.

      • Be ready to ask questions.  Your questions will depend on whether you are actively looking for a position or exploring careers.  For help on what questions to ask or what questions to expect from recruiters check out our guide here.

After the Career Fair

      • Send a thank you note.  If an employer was especially helpful or interesting, write a brief email or written letter to let him/her know you appreciated the opportunity to visit.
      • Look for opportunities to contact key organizations again.  Find out when they will be back on campus. Check with Career Services to see if the organizations you are interested in have scheduled on-campus interviews.

- Find Additional Career Fairs - 

1.  Choice Career Fairs: This national company hosts approximately six career fairs in San Antonio yearly.  You need to register at their website to attend.

2.  National Career Fairs: This national company hosts approximately six career fairs in San Antonio yearly.  You need to register at their website to attend.

3. Employment Guide.com: This site hosts Job Fairs Live!, an online career fair where job seekers and employers can interact in a virtual environment. 

4. Texas Job Fair Calendar: You can search for career fairs which are being held in San Antonio and other Texas cities.

5.  LatCareers.com: Site for career fairs at which employers seek bilingual Spanish/English job seekers.  Must register online at http://www.latcareers.com/job-fair/career-seekers.php

6.  Military Career Expo: Recruiting event for veterans.  Must register on website.

7.  Military Officers Association of America: This site hosts live and virtual career fairs for active duty, retired, National Guard, Reserve, and former officers, and their families.  Some career fairs also welcome government employees who are job seekers.

8. RecruitMilitary: This company generally hosts one career fair in San Antonio for veterans yearly.

9. Diversity Job Fairs: This national company hosts approximately three career fairs in San Antonio yearly.  You need to register at their website to attend.

10.  Coast to Coast Job Fairs: This national company hosts approximately one career fair in San Antonio yearly.  You need to register at their website to attend.