Welcome Faculty and Staff

Thank you for your interest in Career Services.  We appreciate any and all opportunities to collaborate with faculty and staff to enhance the career opportunities to A&M-SA students.  We can help you post a job for hiring students, give you guidance on writing reference and recommendation letters and make you aware of resources which we have to aid you in advising students. 

Hiring Student Workers

Want to search for and hire a student worker?  Start by creating an employer account on Jaguar Jobs and posting your position.  To get started, click here.  Read the information carefully and then choose the gray Jaguar Jobs for Faculty & Staff button to begin the registration and posting process.  The job postings must be approved by the career services office before they appear to students.  The approval generally occurs once, late each business day.  

Jaguar Jobs

Keep the following provisions of Texas A&M University-San Antonio Rule Student Employment and Texas A&M University-San Antonio Procedure Student Employment in mind when hiring students:

        • Student employees may not work hours during which their scheduled classes are being conducted.
        • Generally, to be eligible for student employment, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours during the current semester; however, student employees need not be enrolled during the summer to maintain student employee status as long as they intend to enroll in the following fall term and enrolled in the previous spring term.
        • Student employees must be in good academic standing and maintain an academic record acceptable to the department head for the employing department, including a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.0.  Tutors and Graduate Assistants require a cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.0.  To verify academic standing please complete the internal request form  here.
        • Student employees normally work no more than 19 hours per week.  Hours worked in excess of 19 hours per week must have prior approval from the appropriate division head for a maximum of four months after his/her consultation with Payroll and Human Resources to ensure they are not put into a benefits eligible status due to their additional work hours.
        • Graduate assistants are required to work 20 hours per week.
        • International students will be offered employment in accordance with System Regulation 33.99.00. To avoid any problems, consult with the Office of International Affairs [(210) 784-1308] BEFORE making any offer to an international student.
        • Student employment is contingent upon a satisfactory criminal background investigation conducted according to University rules and procedures.
        • Any student, who graduates or completes his /her course of study mid-month, may continue to work as a student worker until the end of that month. 

When you have finished interviewing and have made the decision as to who should be recommended for hire, a hiring department must submit the Student Worker Application form, student resume, Student Worker Process form, paper EPA and PMR to the Human Resources department with a recommendation to hire.  Keep a copy of all the submitted documents, including any interview or reference check notes you made, together with a copy of all the documents sent to Human Resources in the hiring department’s office in accordance with record retention policies. At that time, the hiring office may extend a CONDITIONAL offer to the student, dependent on the satisfactory completion of the background check.  

The Human Resource Office then sends the background check form to the student and asks that it be directly returned to them.  The check usually takes two to three business days to complete.  If the student passes the background check, the Human Resources Office will coordinate with the hiring department to complete additional documentation for processing.  Alicia Barthel will be the POC for HR processing. She can be contacted at 210-784-2052 or alicia.barthel@tamusa.edu. Once all documents are completed orientation will be scheduled.  At orientation, Human Resources will teach the student how to record his or her hours and will assign required trainings, which are to be done during the work schedule.  If the supervisor is not already set up to approve the hours and payroll, he or she should contact Patricia Harris at (210) 784-2071 and ask to receive Workday time approval training.  If the student has provided all the required documentation at orientation, he or she can start working that day.  

Program Request Form

Career Services has many presentations ranging from five to ninety minutes.  Additionally, Career Services representatives can customize presentations to your needs.  Consider requesting a five-minute presentation to be done at the beginning of your class to acquaint students with the career fair and the services that the office of career services has to help them prepare.  Rather than cancelling a class, ask a representative to come in on a day you know you will be gone.  To see the available presentations and to request one, please complete and return the Program Request Form.

Writing Reference and Recommendation Letters

As a faculty or staff member, you may be asked by a student to serve as a reference.  It's a meaningful way for you to support students but you need to do so in the most appropriate manner.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has a variety of information, which addresses your rights and responsibilities in serving as a reference.  You will be well served by taking a moment and reading this information before writing a reference letter.

Need a sample?  View these templates.

    You also may be asked to write letters of recommendation for students who apply to graduate school. This sample may assist you in drafting your letter.

Try to address your reference or recommendation letter to an actual name or to a title, such as Director of Admissions or Director of Human Resources.  Please try not to address a letter "To whom it may concern".  To do address a letter in this manner is very impersonal and will not serve the student well.  However, if a student asks you to write a letter addressed like this, note in the letter that it is at the student’s request.   

If you have any additional questions about reference or recommendation letters, email Director of Career Services Annette Wilson, Annette.Wilson@tamusa.edu, or call (210) 784-1342 or email Career Advisor Clarissa Tejeda, Clarissa.Tejeda@tamusa.edu, or call (210) 784-1339.

Student Resources 

Speaking with a student who is not sure what should be his or her career path?  Recommend that the student visit Focus 2 and take some assessments of his or her interests, values and aptitude.  To use this resource the student will need to contact career services for access information.  

Is a student questioning what she or he can do with her or his major?  Have the student check out “What Can I Do With This Major?” for great information about who employs the majors and what strategies can be used to make the student marketable.

Do your students need to write a resume or cover letter for your class?  Direct them to our resume writing handout and our cover letter handout.

Are you working with a specific population?  Is your student a veteran or disabled or an ex-offender or a senior citizen? Career Services has special resources to assist them.

Does your student want to find a green job  or an unconventional job or an internship? Career Services has special resources to assist them.

Most of all, just encourage students to use our services and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions: mays@tamusa.edu or 210-784-1356.