Parents and Families

Welcome to Career Services! Our staff is dedicated to helping students fulfill their career goals. We offer a variety of resources to assist students in choosing and preparing for their career, applying to graduate school, learning job search skills, and finding successful employment opportunities.  Please browse our website for resources to help your student be successful beyond college.


What should my student being doing each year in school?

The career preparation process begins the moment your student choosing to attend college. Review these handy sheets with tips on what students should be doing each year in school:

What can I do to help my student?

Some ways you can support your student without coming across as forceful include:

  • Help them define success, whether it’s working for a non-profit, going on to graduate school, or becoming a CEO
  • Support their vision and be patient as they explore their options
  • Reinforce career skills by modeling business etiquette and making yourself available to answer questions, provide advice, and encourage
  • Ask open-ended questions to keep a conversation going
  • Encourage your student to become involved both on- and off-campus through joining clubs, attending career fairs, volunteering, and more
  • Encourage your student to visit the Career Services Office if they have questions regarding their future, whether it’s their major, career options, or how to apply to graduate school; we’ll help with exploration, resume creation, and more!
My student keeps going back and forth between two majors; what should I do?

You can help your student think through majors and their corresponding career choices.  Encourage them to complete the Focus2 career assessment and schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss their interests and goals. Remind your student that they can double major or add a minor if they are really stuck.  We recommend that students choose a major by the end of their sophomore year of college so they can focus on taking the upper-level courses that correspond to their degree track.

Can any student attend on-campus career events?

Yes! Any current students and alumni (up to one year from graduation) are welcome to attend any events Career Services hosts.  All of our events are free and students get additional perks for attending, like free professional headshots, food, networking opportunities, and job leads.  All upcoming events can be found on our events page