Welcome Students & Alumni!

When it comes to planning your career, there are many paths before you. It can be confusing, daunting and exciting, all at the same time! You may think a career search begins with a resume, but it actually starts with self-exploration. 

A&M-SA has many opportunities and resources to help you identify your career related goals and take steps in the right direction.  Whether you are an under- or upperclassman, there is not a strict "timeline" for success, but the suggestions below will get you started. 

Freshman and Sophomore

During your first two years at A&M-SA you may already be thinking about your post-graduation goals.  This is the perfect time to explore the possibilities.


  • Adjust to campus life. Learn how to balance academics and social activities
  • Learn about the many student services departments on campus
  • Get involved in student organizations or activities
  • Set up a Jaguar Jobs account and your profile; review upcoming career-related events
  • Explore your major options 


  • Investigate career options - try some self assessment activities like FOCUS 2 to gain clarity
  • Review "What Can I do with a Major In...?"
  • Learn about graduate and professional school
  • Meet with a career advisor to discuss your options and goals; develop a plan
  • Develop your networking and communication skills
  • Learn about internships and other short-term opportunities to build skills
  • Pursue an externship - shadow an alum in a profession that interests you
  • Attend Mays Center programs such as workshops and Career Fairs

Junior and Senior

Now that you’re into the second half of your undergraduate career, you may be focusing more intently on your post-graduation activities. Be sure to use these Mays Center resources to help you prepare.


  • ​Develop strong relationships with faculty
  • Attend the Graduate and Professional School Fair, if you are interested in further education
  • Learn about career fields that interest you
  • Regularly utilize Jaguar Jobs - become familiar with On-Campus Recruiting
  • Create or update your resume and your LinkedIn profile
  • Build teamwork and leadership skills in your extracurricular activities
  • Develop analytical and problem solving skills to become more competitive for many jobs


  • See a career advisor in the beginning of Senior year
  • Make some decisions about your future goals - it is ok to have more than one direction
  • Develop your professionalism and work ethic within your various commitments
  • Assessyour training, skills and experiences; identify any further development you need to be competitive for the opportunities that interest you most
  • Build yournetwork; conduct informational interviews with alumni and professionals
  • Update your application materials and practice your interviewing skills