To ALL Bilingual Majors:

Here are the names and contact information for the undergraduate education advisors;

Gabriel Rosas 

Rosa Wilkes 

and Krystal Cervantes  

All Bilingual majors have to take the following state exams:

  1. EC-6 Core or 4-8 Core Content
  2. Bilingual Supplemental
  3. BTLPT-Spanish 
  4. PPR

All Bilingual majors are required to take the BTLPT practice test.


To be a Bilingual Generalist, the following is required:

  1. EDBL 4318 concurrent enrollment with EDFR (1)
  2. EDBL 4322 concurrent enrollment with EDFR (2)

The EDFR courses require placement in a Spanish speaking environment.

EDBL 4318 is a prerequisite to EDBL 4322. These courses are co-requisites with field residency 1 and field residency 2. 

Program questions relate to the course work and course requirements for our degree plan.

If you are a non-certification student, you should NOT be in one of our classes (EDBL 4318 and EDBL 4322).