The EPP Office is responsible for administering and organizing field placements for EC–6 Generalist, Middle Grades 4–8 Math/Science, Middle Grades 4–8 Language Arts/Social Studies, Middle Grades 4–8 English and Secondary 7–12 students.

Students complete a consecutive series of courses as part of their degree plan, before completing their clinical teaching experience the final semester before graduation. All field experience students and clinical teachers are required to have liability insurance.

By starting with some of the best students in Texas and adding an outstanding team of A&M San Antonio faculty plus the support of excellent mentors, we know you will be Ready from Day One!



Current policies for field placements in the EPP are as follows:

  • Students in their FR1 or FR2 semester will be placed in an elementary, middle, or high school grade classroom for 3-4 hours a week for 16 weeks in the field in San Antonio public schools whenever possible. 
  • Clinical teachers will be placed in an elementary, middle, or high school grade classroom for 16 weeks, 7 hour days following the public school calendar.
    • Clinical teachers may not be placed on a campus with an immediate relative.
    • Clinical teaching will officially begin the first week PRIOR to the university class start date. Teaching Specialists will host a required orientation and seminars the first week of clinical teaching, so all students must start on the same day.