Mizanur MD. Rahman, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty

Main Campus, Room 212
(210) 784-2201

K.C. Kalmbach, Ph.D.

Immunology, Research in Biology


Dr. Rahman has been an adjunct faculty of the TAMUSA Biology department since the spring of 2012. He is also an Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, at UT Health Science Center, SA. His education and training started with a Bachelor in Science and a Master in Science in Microbiology at Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Hi continued with a PhD in medical Science at Saga medical School in Japan. Dr Rahman has been conducting cellular and molecular Biology research science 1998 to date including his postdoctoral work and research assistantships.  His Teaching experience includes workshops, laboratory mentorship of undergraduates and graduates both outside and in the United Sates. The focus of his research has been based on aging and musculoskeletal health particularly bone working with Mice as a model. Current research is funded by NIH and CDMRP.

Curriculum Vitae