Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation

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Dr. Dorel

Dr. Theresa Garfield Dorel was awarded the inaugural Faculty Excellence Award in Service at the Fall 2016 Convocation. This competitive award is given to a faculty member who exhibits outstanding service in the community, their department, their profession, and the university.

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Dr. Young

Dr. Edith Esparza-Young was selected to participate in the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Program, The Latina Leadership Institute.

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Dr. Jozwiak

Published by Teachers College Press- Columbia University, Dr. Jozwiak's book was launched in June 2016 with a book signing in Baltimore. November book signings will be held in Los Angeles and New York.

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Drs. Wilson, Pittman, Jozwiak & Piper

SAISD Cohort – M.S. in Reading Specialization with Reading Specialist Certification and Master Reading Teacher Certification.

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Dr. Young

The COEHD and the Bilingual Education Program has signed an MOU with the San Antonio Book Festival to formalize a collaboration in order to support communities in Bexar County.

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Dr. Kim

STEM night at Wilson Elementary Edgewood ISD

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Dr. Young

Keynote Speaker at the Franklin Institute at the University of Alcalá

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Dr. Young

Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education and ESL, provided a training for American Fulbright Scholars at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain under the English Language Specialist Program, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and Georgetown University.

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Dr. Webb & Dr. Kapavik

Facilitated a trip for TAMU-SA education students & and an additional faculty member, Dr. Wilson, to Cuba (we left on the same day as President Obama's historical arrival to the country). Students visited local community projects for students & donated school supplies to a pre-school.

The Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation focuses on the preparation of highly effective teachers in the areas of Bilingual Education, Special Education, Reading Specialization, Kinesiology, and Early Childhood with a Bachelor of Science and/or Master’s degrees at the EC-6, 4-8 and 7-12 levels.  Currently there are over 383 students pursuing degrees in these areas through the Ready From Day One Teacher Preparation and Certification program.   There are two teacher preparation models:  The Cohort Model and the Flex Model.   The Cohort Model is a highly structured design that requires the student to meet three criteria:  1.) A GPA of 2.75 ;   2.) completion of pre-requisites prior to Field Based Residency I and  3.) an interview to determine selection readiness.  Students selected for the Cohort Model are assigned to one district, with a best practice teacher for 18 months, where they do their field based residency and student teaching.    In the Flex Model  a student is required to meet criteria 1 and 2 from the Cohort Model, but has the option to receive his/her field based residency and student teaching experience in more than one district and school.

A Graduate Teacher Certification and Preparation (GTCP) program is also offered in the Department of Educator and Leadership Preparation.  In this program, graduate students can be certified in the areas of Bilingual Education, Special Education, Kinesiology, Reading Specialization and Early Childhood.  Additionally, students in the program can receive a Master’s degree in any one of these areas at the elementary and secondary levels.


For more information, please contact:

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