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Welcome to Field Residency and Student Teaching

The Texas A&M University-San Antonio Field Residency Pre-Service Teacher Program will prepare you to enter a select group of professionals who hold a significant, critical and unique place in our society.

Through mentoring, model teaching, professional development and internships you will have an opportunity to exercise and refine the skills learned from your university coursework and educational program. You will also have an opportunity to develop your own unique teaching style and practice the methods and strategies that are effective in helping students learn.

Pre-service teachers at TAMU-SA have a choice of pathways in which to complete field residency requirements. Prior to your first semester of the field residency experience, you will chose whether you to complete your program through the “Ready from Day One- Cohort” or the “Ready from Day One – Flex” model.

“Ready from Day One” is the signature teacher preparation program at TAMU-SA and no other university provides this option for teacher candidates. This unique teacher preparation initiative was developed as a “Model for Success” initiative under the leadership of Dr. Maria Hernandez Ferrier, president of Texas A&M-San Antonio.  Under Dr. Ferrier’s direction, University representatives met with area superintendents, central office staff, principals and best practice teachers to develop an innovative approach to teacher preparation.  The model that emerged is designed to enable TAMU-SA teachers to be prepared and effective on their very first day of employment – ready from day one. 

Significant innovations of the “Ready from Day One- Cohort” model include:

  1. Being assigned to the same district, same campus and same mentor teacher for all three semesters of field residency including student teaching;
  2. Learning from a mentor teacher  who has been identified as a “best practice” or “master”  teacher by the school district;
  3. Moving through field residency courses and labs with a cohort of fellow students;
  4. Being assigned the same University supervisor for all three semesters and
  5. Attending designated courses in the school district instead of at the TAMU-SA campus.

For many students, a more flexible option for field residency requirements provides the better preparation pathway. The flex program differs from the “Ready from Day One- Cohort” program in the following ways:

  1. Field based residency assignments may be different each semester and would expose students to a variety teaching styles;
  2. All courses are University based;
  3. The University supervisor assigned may be different each semester;
  4. A greater number of districts are available for field based placements;
  5. Scheduling may have greater flexibility

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