Parking Frequently Asked Questions

How many spaces will be added when Lot #3 opens?

        • 1,072

Why do we have to pay the parking fees?

        • No State funds can be used to build parking lots – all must be generated from local funds. Average cost for the per space for the new lot was $2,800 each. With a $60 per year permit that means the lot will pay for itself in 46 years.

If parking fee is increased, perhaps allowing fees as a payroll deduction monthly

        • Definitely a viable solution.

Will there be covered sidewalks?

        • No

If I park on the street, is a police escort available?

        • Yes, you may call (210) 784-1900. This is a call for service and it will be answered in the order received.

Do we have enough ADA spaces?

        • YES! We have doubled the amount required in Lot #1 and Lot #2. We did not install any ADA spaces, at this time, in Lot #3 due to its distance from the building and they were accounted for in Lots #1 and Lot #2. With the addition of ADA spaces in Lot #1 and Lot #2 we have doubled the amount required by the ADA.

Will there be a shuttle system?  

        • Not at this time – again to pay for a shuttle system funds need to be local funds. Average re-occurring cost for one shuttle is about $50,000 per year (not including the cost of the bus or driver salary).

New parking lot security?

        • Same as the others: Blue Phones will be installed, Safe Zone App and escorts.

Tickets for parking on Verano Way?

        • Yes – for parking in areas that are marked as reserved.

Staff parking relocated? (Madla)

        • No stayed the same in Lot #1

When are we going to get faculty, staff, resident, and student parking lots (students park in staff lot right now as well as visitor)? 

        • To be determined by the Parking Advisory Board.
        • Officers are actively citing all faculty, staff and students who park in visitors.

Will the fee for parking permits increase? 

        • Not at this time

Regular updates with map of parking progress- consider drainage, ask Spindle to present, understand how decisions are made. 

        • New maps and new parking plans were sent to the community on August 4, 2017 and again on August 11, 2017.
        • Additional Officers will be out the first two weeks of the Fall Semester to help traffic flow.

What about parking for student housing? 

        • 59 spaces were created and reserved specifically for them. If more is needed it will addressed by the Parking Advisory Board

Confusion about new employee parking and issuing of tickets 

        • Per parking rules and regulations: Temporary parking permits are available through the UPD office. Only three (3) are allowed per person per semester after which permits are $1.00 each. A vehicle information form must be completed in order to receive the Temporary Parking Permit.
        • If a permit is purchased when the first citation is issued (within 10 days) the citation is made to a warning.

Can staff use student lot in summer? 

        • At this time, there is not a designated student parking lot. Staff, with a valid permit, may park in lot #1, #2, and #3.

Bushes/trees at campus exist block views 

        • Bushes and vegetation has been trimmed back and/or lowered
        • Adding 3-way stops to entrances at Lot #2 and Lot #3

Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety 

        • Installing TX DoT pedestrian warning signs at all intersections
        • Installing pedestrian caution signs in/near crosswalks on campus
        • Installing TX DoT STOP signs on Verano at Lot #2 and Lot #3 (turning into 3-way stops)
        • Installing signs in median on Verano directing pedestrians to use crosswalks
        • Officers out in force for the first two weeks in order to assist with parking.

Future Changes 

        • Establishing a Parking Advisory Board (student, faculty, staff and consultants)
        • Addressing all slip lane parking with City of San Antonio
        • Bicycle programs (private vendor)

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