New Cengage Unlimited Discount Textbook Access

For all campus classes using Cengage textbooks beginning in the fall 2018 semester, before purchasing your textbooks, carefully consider the following information:

If you are taking one or more classes which use a textbook published by Cengage Learning, a discounted cost plan is being implemented beginning fall 2018 semester.  Cengage will offer Cengage Unlimited for $99 per semester; this purchase gives you access to all Cengage textbooks (digital copies) and electronic companions (such as SAM, MindTap, Aplia, and CNOW) for any campus class.  You can rent one hard copy of a course textbook for an additional $7.99; the cost to fully purchase varies by textbook.  (If your course requires multiple textbooks, rent the main text, access others via the free digital copy.)

  • When you purchase one Cengage Unlimited code (charged with your tuition when you register for a course using a Cengage book), you have access to all Cengage textbooks for any classes you are taking that semester on the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus.
  • Your instructor will give you instructions for joining the section for the course for which you are registered.  When you register for the section, you will be asked if you want to rent a printed copy of the textbook for the class for $7.99; if you do, the textbook will be shipped to you free of charge.  (You have access to the digital copy of each course textbook for no charge.)
    • If you are taking ACCT 3301 and 3305 and MGMT 3325 the same semester, you can obtain access to all texts and electronic companions for $99 plus $7.99 per class if you want to rent the textbooks. Your savings from current textbook bundle prices will be approximately $550 for this three-class combination.
    • Note that some classes require multiple textbooks from different publishers. You would have access to the required Cengage text through Unlimited but would have to purchase non-Cengage texts separately.
  • If you are taking only one class which uses a Cengage text, you may save money by purchasing that text, rather than the Cengage Unlimited code.
    • For example, the Management 3325 text and electronic companion is approximately $80; if you are taking only that one class, you save money by purchasing the textbook bundle.
    • If you are taking only Computer Information Systems 5309, however, the cost of the textbook bundle is approximately $380, so purchasing the Cengage Unlimited code saves you money.

Instructional Resources

Quick Start Guide

Ordering Hard Copies Through Cengage

Cengage Student Support

Online Support Portal:

For Telephone Support, please call: (800) 354-9706 


Where to Go to Access ALL E-Books!

  1. Log in to your Blackboard course
  2. Navigate to the left side of the page
  3. Click the link that says 'E-Book' located underneath your syllabus
  4. Launch the book and preview
  5. That's it!

Simply set up your VitalSource Bookshelf account and you can now access your books on and offline*. To view offline, you can download the Bookshelf app. Do so here!

*Please note that all books will drop off of Bookshelf after the add/drop period. Simply follow the above steps again to regain access to your book.