Students have the option of printing their E-Book through a service offered through VitalSource. Pricing will vary between publishers. Total cost will be displayed after selection is made.

1. Open Blackboard.

2. Click on Course you are taking 

3. Click on E-Book in menu

4. Once there, refer to the Print-on-Demand PDF for detailed instructions on how to get a hard copy of your book!


 Pearson Education E-Book Printing Steps

  1. Open Blackboard.

  2. Click on Course you are taking 

Under Campus Resources (in the left hand column)

  1. Click on Education E-books link

  2. This will take you to the Education Ebooks page

  3. Next, click on Pearson digital Library link

  4. Log into your Pearson Digital Library account

  5. Find your course and click on Book

  6. This takes you to your courses ebook page.

  7. To the bottom right of your book you should see an exclamation pointicon - click it.

  8.  A new window will pop-up, and on the right hand side you should see the isbn# and price for printed book.

  9. Click on Purchase Print Book

**Please note that you will not be able to print your text in its entirety for free. Depending on your Professor's choice in text, you will have the option to print 2-10 pages at a time. This can be done at any of the computer labs at Main or Brooks-City Base Campus!