Ring Ceremony

Legend of the Jaguar Spirit

Centeral Academic Building Dome

There is a rich tradition of the class rings that exudes A&M-San Antonio’s culture and connection to our community.

On the eve of each Ring Ceremony, the class rings are stowed in the Dome of the Central Academic Building, where they are kept overnight and guarded.

It is legend that at nightfall before the ceremony, the Dome holds the Spirit of the Jaguar, which illuminated the Dome and permeated each class ring.

The Jaguar Spirit unifies the connection between classmates, future and current alumni and our beloved Texas A&M-San Antonio.

As the sun rose this morning, shining on the gleaming rings through the east window of the Dome, the Jaguar Spirit was sealed in each band, which lasts an eternity. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Alumni Speaker

NOVEMBER 3, 2018

Order Deadline is Wednesday, September 26th (Grad Fair)


  • 60 or more credit hours

  • Ring MUST be purchased through Herff Jones

  • You MUST participate in the same semester you purchased your ring in.
    Ex. You purchase this Fall – you participate in the FALL ceremony

Ring Ceremony

Herff Jones "Ring Days"

  • Wed., September 5th: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. (MADLA LOBBY)

  • Thurs., September 6th: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (CAB LOBBY)

Design; Honoring the ring

We are

Symbolized with the Texas flag and star

Personified by the mesquite and cactus

Represented by the archway of the Alamo 

Symbolized by the columns on that archway

Mission San Jose rose window and Mission Espada bells

Roman numerals represent the creation of the System Center and 629 for the senate bill granting stand-alone status.

Symbolized by the bricks of the first 5,000 graduates.

A symbol of power and strength. A noble, fierce animal and the proud mascot of your Alma Mater!

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