Life Insurance

The Texas A&M University System offers several life insurance plans to protect you and your family financially in case of your death or the death of a dependent, we offer Basic Life/Alternate Basic Life and Optional Life coverage for you and Dependent Life coverage for your family. Minnesota Life is the carrier for the life insurance at (800) 778-2281.

Basic Life/Alternate Basic Life pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you die while covered by the plan. The plan includes accidental death and dismemberment benefits. You are automatically covered by Basic Life while you are enrolled in any System health plan. You may choose to enroll and pay the premium if you do not have A&M System health coverage. The plan provides $7,500 in life coverage and $5,000 in accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. If you do not enroll in A&M System health coverage but certify that you have other health coverage, you may purchase Alternate Basic Life coverage. Alternate Basic Life provides life coverage of $50,000 or seven times salary, whichever is less, and $5,000 in AD&D coverage. These protections are provided as term insurance. Term insurance doesn’t build up a value as does whole life insurance. You cannot enroll in Alternate Basic Life coverage if you enroll in Optional Life. Term insurance covers you for a specific term – in this case, your employment and retirement with the A&M System.

  • Children’s Basic Life will automatically be cover $5,000 for eligible dependent children if you have Basic Alternate Basic Life coverage. You do not have to enroll your children. Your spouse is not eligible for Basic Life Insurance.
  • Living Access Benefit: If you have Basic Life coverage, you are eligible for a Living Access Benefit if a doctor certifies that you have less than 24 months to live. You may apply for immediate payment of up to 50% of any Basic, Alternate Basic or Optional Life benefits. When you die, the remaining benefit is paid to the beneficiary.
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Life Insurance

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