The A&M Vision plan offers regular eyecare and the ability to afford needed corrective lenses is important for you and your family. The A&M System offers a Vision plan, you can ensure access to exceptional vision care and supplies as well as an informative monthly article on the latest vision care news, “inSIGHT.”

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Superior Vision


Ordering a new card and printing a temporary card can be done online: 

The Group ID# is: 36138

The A&M Dental PPO and the DeltaCare USA Dental HMO premiums are paid b the employee for the cost of dental coverage on a before-tax basis. The FY 17 benefit plan year are effective September 1,2016 and are subject to change each FY benefit plan year.

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Effective September 1, 2016-August 31, 2017


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Vision Co-pays

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