Energy Conservation During the Thanksgiving Break

By Office of the President

Tuesday, 11 21 2017


Energy Conservation During the Thanksgiving Break

November 21, 2017
Dear Members of the A&M-San Antonio Community:

Faculty, staff and students are asked to please turn off all unnecessary equipment and appliances before leaving for the Thanksgiving Break. This will help the University decrease the amount of energy consumed and reduce the campus carbon footprint.

While some equipment, such as computer servers and research-related equipment must remain in operation, other equipment can be turned off. This includes desktop computers, monitors, printers, copiers and other electrical appliances such as heaters and coffee pots. 

Following these easy steps may seem minor, but they can add up to significant savings when applied across the campus. Every kilowatt we conserve is money saved, and these funds can be used for other University needs.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to conserve energy consumption on campus. Happy Thanksgiving!