Dr. William Spindle (Staff)

By University Communications

Friday, 10 27 2017

Bill Spindle

Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) William “Bill” Spindle, Ed.D. is one of the driving forces behind the University’s master plan. He ensures the treasured plan comes to fruition by overseeing the operational and financial planning and execution of all of the University’s construction projects. He is also responsible for maintaining the University’s operational budget.

With the 2017-18 academic year underway, Dr. Spindle is carrying a heavy load. He’s maintaining several University construction projects, planning for a couple of infrastructure projects in cue and is consistently looking at the budget after recent cuts in funding from the state. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love working here,” he says. “All of these projects are exciting to me. I wanted to be here because it is the chance for me to help a new University grow, and I’m doing that.”

His interest in project management and budgets stem from his service in the Air Force. At the age of 10 in Colorado, he dreamed of joining the Air Force. He wanted to be a pilot, but a back injury disqualified him. Instead, he served his country in the Air Force by working in the contracting and logistics units. He retired as a full colonel? and as the director of contracting for the Pacific Air Forces Command after 20 years.

After his service, he found the transition from airman to civilian came with its fair share of challenges. But, he made it through with guidance and support. So, when veteran students ask him for advice, he’s equipped and eager to share.

“I advise veteran students to focus on the skills they have and how to use them in the civilian world,” says Dr. Spindle. “I also tell them, ‘Once you find out what you’re interested in, go network in those professional groups, and eventually you’ll find a fit.’”

Dr. Spindle has provided advice to countless military-connected students in his 19 years in higher education. During that time, he’s worked in various administrative roles and as an adjunct faculty member.

Since joining the Jaguar family in October 2016, Dr. Spindle has enjoyed the traditions of the campus and surrounding community. He is quite fond of Fiesta San Antonio and the University’s Fiesta finale—Festival de Cascarones.

“I love all the celebrating and the cultures that are represented here,” he says.

Dr. Spindle and his wife, Cindy, enjoy spending time exploring the Alamo City. After living in Alaska, they are content with the drastic weather change and friendly atmosphere. They both enjoy biking the San Antonio Missions, listening to local musicians, hiking and tending to their six pets.

“We’re softies for animal rescues,” he says. “We came here [from Alaska] with one dog and one cat and rescued two other dogs and two other cats in no time.”

With his impressive professional career and copious extracurricular activities, it is clear that Dr. Spindle does not sit idle. And as the VP of a University with plans to begin a new construction project every year, it is doubtful that he ever will.