Lawrence Scott (Faculty)

By University Communications

Monday, 01 29 2018

Lawrence-ScottAssistant professor of educational leadership, Lawrence Scott, Ph.D., was recently announced as an awardee of the San Antonio Business Journal’s 2018 40 under 40. His philanthropic efforts and educational leadership proved that he was fit for the title.

Dr. Scott attributes his achievement to his unwavering faith in God and the mission he was given to help those who grew up like him to have a fighting chance at an optimal education.

Dr. Scott was raised on the East Side of San Antonio, where the presence of gang activity and drugs swarmed his neighborhood. He thanks his mother and grandmother for leading him through the haze and paving the pathway to prosperity. He credits his work ethic to his father who always had multiple jobs to provide for the family.

With a knack for public speaking, Dr. Scott thought he would rule the courtroom as a lawyer. But after a couple of missionary classroom experiences in Africa and Mexico, as well as speaking with a neighborhood friend turned mentor, Dr. Mateen Diop, Dr. Scott veered in the direction of education.

“I saw Mateen one day and I asked him, ‘Hey! What do you do?’ And he said, ‘I’m a social studies teacher at Davis Middle School.’ And so, I pretty much followed his footsteps,” said Dr. Scott. “Five years later, I was a social studies teacher at Davis Middle School, then eventually became a guidance counselor at Sam Houston High School, and then back as an administrator at Davis Middle School.”

During his 17 year tenure working in Pre-K-12, Dr. Scott worked as a teacher, coach, guidance counselor, curriculum specialist in central office, and vice principal—earning a well-rounded understanding of educational leadership.

It was just a few years ago that Dr. Scott set his sights on becoming a faculty member at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. To achieve this, he began serving as an adjunct faculty member at several local colleges, teaching nights while still working as a middle school administrator and leading a nonprofit organization called Community for Life Foundation, which has given more than half a million dollars in scholarships since its inception in 2001.

“One thing people will never say about me is that I didn’t work hard enough to get here [at A&M-SA],” he said. “I would manage the school, monitor games, do mediations and conflict resolutions, write grants, assist teachers with their instructional needs, and lead parent and faculty meetings as a vice principal during the day. Then, I’d turn around three nights a week and teach as an adjunct faculty member. I reserved the weekend to work on my non-profit duties. But, I knew it was worth it to be here. This is way more than a job for me. It’s my mission…It’s my purpose in Life!”

Now starting his second year as a full-time faculty member, Dr. Scott teaches a slew of graduate-level courses including: Principalship, School Administration, Elementary and Secondary Curriculum, and School and Community Relations. His favorite course to teach is Multicultural Education for Educators.

“I love multiculturalism because it helps future educational leaders and principals become more culturally aware and competent. Understanding pedagogical content is important for students; but understanding the multicultural ethos of your school and the surrounding community is paramount when making decisions that can change the culture, climate, and academic trajectory of your campus.”  He said.  

Dr. Scott’s enthusiasm for his profession is practically palpable. With so many accomplishments already under his belt and the drive to positively impact students, he is laying the groundwork for a profound legacy.

“I want my students to know that it doesn’t matter where you grew up, your zip code or passed or current situation...It doesn’t matter. Find what you love doing, do it with everything you have…and be a miracle for others.”