President's Commission on Equity
Faculty Diversity-Related Research Interests

Stephanie Black, Ph.D.
Management and Marketing

Ethnic entrepreneurship, culture, and diversity

Ann Bliss, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities

Women and domestic work

Brian Brantley, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities

Racial representation in mass media

Billy Brocato, Ph.D.
Social Sciences (Sociology)

Sociocultural factors influencing minority group; social mobility 

Karen L. B. Burgard, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction

Racialized historical understanding

Historical erasure of underrepresented groups in museums, monuments, and public heritage sites

Preparing teachers for diverse educational settings

Adam Cilli, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

African American urban history in the early 20th century

Mariya Davis, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Assessment in special education, inclusive practices for students with disabilities, transition of students with disabilities to post-school environments, supporting students with disabilities in post-secondary education, and students with autism and developmental disabilities.

Daniel J. Delgado, Ph.D.
Social Sciences

Latinx Sociology; Cultural Race Theory; Whiteness Studies; Intersectionality

Sandra DeGrassi, Ph.D.
Management and Marketing

Diversity and teams

Sarah Dwyer, M.A.
Arts & Humanities 

LGBTQIAP+ education and outreach

Dennis Elam, Ph.D.

Social Mood- how that shapes social action-socioeconomic

Vicky L. Elias, Ph.D.
Social Science

How consumption patterns influence the choice to marry or divorce; Messages about sex, gender, race, age, and sexual orientation in classic Disney Princess movies; Links between female empowerment and environmental quality; Shifts in power dynamics in Baby Boomer couples as he retires and she reaches her apex job; Age, period, cohort analysis of attitudinal changes toward premarital sex; Food Insecurity in the A&M-SA student population; consulting work for Children’s Alliance of South Texas; effects of school structures on teen sexual debut and pregnancy.

Amir Fekrazad, Ph.D.

Present bias and ris salience 

Scott Gage, Ph.D. 
Arts & Humanities 

Rhetoric violence; white supremacy; exclusive pedagogy in first-year pedagogy

Francis Galon, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Tejanos, slavery in Texas

Nancy Compean-Garcia, Ed.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Community Partnerships, Professional Development & Scholarships for TAMUSA Latina students and Latina Military Students

Intercultural Experiences and Study Abroad Opportunities for Latina Students in Higher Education 

Theresa Garfield, Ed.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Equity in education, urban education, advocacy, and multicultural special education

Daniel Glaser, Ph.D.
Management and Marketing

Culture and its effect on organizational processes

Philis Barragan Goetz, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Mexican American education & identity, history of childhood & education, borderlands

Myriam Jimena Guerra, Ph.D.
Educator & Leadership Preparation

Biliteracy practices among Latine and immigrants

Crisarla Houston, J.D.
College of Business 

Employment discrimination; stereotype threat theory; achievement gap in education

Ho Phi Huyuh, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics 

Integration of Student veterans into the classroom

Lisa Jennings, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Race, Sex, Gender, Sexuality and How these intersect, define, and disrupt each other 

Melissa Jozwiak, Ph.D.
Educator & Leadership Preparation

Cultural continuity and anti-bias education

W. Sean Kearney, Ed.D.

High performing, high minority, high poverty K-12 schools

William Kiser, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Slavery in the West

Amy C. Lewis, Ph.D.
Management and Marketing

Identity, stigma, intragroup bias 

Akhtar Lodgher, Ph.D.
Computing and Cyper Security

Underrepresented groups, including women in STEM and computing

Sherita J. Love, Ph.D.
Office of Associate Provost, Director, Center for Faculty Innovation

First Generation Students

Carla Mediola, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Intermix of ethnicity, culture, identify on borders (geopolitical & social)

Bryant Moore
University Library

Lack of African American males in the library profession

April Najjaj, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Postcolonial feminism 

Caroline O'Quinn, Ph.D.
Curriculum & Instruction

Using illustrated biographies and primary sources to fill curriculum 

Marcus Palmer, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Arab immigration in Latin American literacy history of immigrant writing

Rebekah E. Piper, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Racial Identity Development and Multicultural Education 

Ramona T. Pittman, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Literacy Outcomes for African American Students

Amy Porter, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Women, Spanish borderlands

Adriana M. Santos, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities 

Latinx literature & culture; performance; intersectionality

Gary Scott, Ph.D.
Science & Mathematics 

Disparity of impact of diabetes and vascular complications

Lawrence Scott, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Equity Practices in Instruction and Educational Leadership in Diverse Settings

Jerry Townsend, M.A.
Arts & Humanities

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in student media content

Dawn Weatherford, Ph.D. 
Science & Mathematics

How race and social orientation affect facial recognition

Jenny C. Wilson, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Funds of Knowledge within Low Literacy Communities

Tasha Vice, Ph.D.
Educator and Leadership Preparation

Representation of women in Gothic, first generation students, academic achievement of low socio-economic students

Edward Westermann, Ph.D.
Arts & Humanities

Holocaust & genocide; Nazi racialism, masculinity, sexual violence, military history