President’s Commission on Equity Membership
Academic Year 2017-18

Charge to the Members

  1. Provide pro-active support for the broadest forms of equity, the intersectionality of various forms of identities and social relations on our campus community;
  2. Review relevant support services needed by students, faculty, and staff;
  3. Bolster our efforts at professional development; and
  4. Examine campus communication methods to educate and inform our community about excellence in an equitable environment.

Academic College Representatives

  • College of Arts & Sciences:
  • College of Business:
    Dr. Adrian Guardia, Associate Professional
  • College of Education & Human Development:
    Co-Chair Dr. Ramona Pittman, Associate Professor - Reading


  • College of Arts & Sciences:
    Dr. Vicky L. Elias, Associate Professor - Sociology
  • Office of Academic Affairs:
    Pru Morris, Interim Director - Library 

President's-at-Large Appointees: 

  • College of Business:
    Dr. Syed Harun, Department Chair, Accounting & Finance 
  • College of Education and Human Development: 
    Dr. Sukho Lee,  Associate Professor - Kinesiology
  • Department of Student Affairs:
    Chryssa Delgado, Director of Admissions

Staff Representatives

  • Disability Support Services:
    Sherry L. Patrick, Assistive Technology Coordinator 
  • Title IX Compliance:
    Co-Chair Jan Parten, Campus Title IX Coordinator & Interim Director of Human Resources 

Student Representatives

  • Campus Activities Board President:
    April Vallejo, Sociology Major 
  • Student Government Association President:
     Mary Walker, Psychology Major 

President's Commission on Equity Membership