Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Tenure and/or Promotion Calendar


The following time line will apply to all applications for tenure and/or promotion:


  • 1st Friday in May: The provost shall send written notification to each faculty member who is entering his/her mandatory year for a tenure decision that he/she must apply for tenure during the subsequent academic year and be approved for tenure in order to continue employment at the university beyond the probationary period.
  • 3rd Friday in May: Each faculty member who plans to apply for promotion and/or tenure in the subsequent year shall submit written notification of intent to the Dean of the hiring Academic College, who shall forward a summary list to the Provost/VPAA's office no later than the 1st Friday in June.
  • 1st Friday in September: Each applicant for promotion or tenure must submit a portfolio of accomplishments and curriculum vitae to the appropriate Dean. Guidelines for the development of the portfolio are delineated in each Academic College's guidelines for tenure and promotion. The Dean shall forward the documents to the appropriate College tenure and promotion committee(s).
  • 1st Friday in October: The Academic College committee's written recommendations for faculty promotion and/or tenure are due to the respective Dean.
  • 1st Friday in November: The Dean's recommendations for promotion and/or tenure are due to the Provost/VPAA.
  • 1st Friday in December: The Provost/VPAA's recommendations for tenure and/or promotion are due to the President.
  • 3rd Friday in January: The President renders a decision regarding all recommendations for tenure and promotion and authorizes submission to the Chancellor and/or TAMUS Board of Regents (BOR) for approval during the March BOR meeting. The President will send a letter to the candidate relating the Board of Regents' action on the recommendation for tenure. Written notice of denials of tenure will be provided in accordance with System Policy 12.01, section 4.1.

At each stage of internal review, the faculty member shall receive notification when it is forwarded to the next stage. The parties responsible for these communications are the committee chair, dean, provost, and president, respectively. At any stage of review, a faculty member may withdraw the application for tenure and/or promotion.