Roadmap to Enrollment


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The following Road Map has been designed to offer the most concise information possible to guide our new students through the enrollment process:

1. Apply for Admission to the University.
2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).
3. Submit the A&M-San Antonio Scholarship application.

Although not a final deadline, we do recommend that students complete the above by the priority deadlines

Fall – March 31

Those students meeting the priority deadlines for Admission, Financial Aid, and Scholarships have the best chance of receiving monetary aid and registration in the courses they most desire. 


  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 of all transferrable credits.
  • Students must have at least 45 academic transferrable credit hours OR 30 academic transferrable credit hours (preferably core required hours) with a signed TEAMSA on file. (See TEAMSA below)
  • Students must meet TSI Requirement. (See TSI below)


What is TSI? – TSI is the Texas Success Initiative – It requires students to be assessed in reading, writing and mathematical skills before enrolling in a Texas public college or university. Students must be “TSI complete” before enrolling at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Courses required for remediation will not be counted toward the minimum degree requirements at either institution.


What is TEAMSA? – Students who complete 30 hours toward an associate’s degree at an Alamo College may qualify to transfer to Texas A&M University-San Antonio for a Bachelor’s degree.

TEAMSA streamlines the transfer of credit between institutions as students complete both an associate's degree at an Alamo College campus and a bachelor's degree at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.  It allows co-enrollment with Texas A&M University-San Antonio and one of the Alamo Colleges. Students who complete a minimum of 30 hours toward an associate’s degree before full transfer to Texas A&M University-San Antonio will exclude any developmental education requirement. Alamo College students may request an official transcript be sent to Texas A&M University-San Antonio using their ACES account.

  • TEAMSA co-enrolled students may only receive financial aid at one campus.
  • If you are a TEAMSA Participant, select Option 2 on the TEAMSA Application.
  • Students must submit a Consortium Agreement to receive full eligibility of their financial aid at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Consortium Agreement

What is a Consortium Agreement? – Two or more schools may enter into a consortium or contractual agreement so that a student can continue to receive Federal Student Aid funds while studying at a school or organization other than his or her "home" school. The "home" school is the one that will grant the student's degree or certification. For additional information visit the Consortium Agreement webpage.


Transfer Students


If you have not yet been accepted to Texas A&M University-San Antonio, you may want to visit with a Transfer Advisor to review an unofficial degree plan.

Transfer AdvisorsOur Transfer Advisors are devoted to helping students make a seamless transition to Texas A&M University-San Antonio.  Transfer Advisors assist students with defining their educational goals and work closely with students to provide academic advising and general information on admission and financial aid.  Contact a Transfer Advisor at the following: 

Kristopher Scheneman (210) 784-1421

Daniel Rendon (210) 784-2315

Veteran Students

Those prospective students utilizing VA education benefits should contact the Office of Student Veteran Certification Services for additional details or email to Students utilizing their federal VA education benefits must submit a completed file (COE less than 1 year old, DD 214, Certification Request Form, Military transcripts, Signed Degree Plan less than 1 year old) by the posted priority deadline in order for your benefits to be established for a given semester.  Those students utilizing the state Hazlewood benefits must submit a completed file (VA letter stating federal benefits have been exhausted, DD 214, HE-V, and complete the Online Hazlewood hours registration) by the posted priority deadline in order for your benefits to be established for a given semester.  Any Hazlewood Legacy students will need to complete additional paperwork for a completed file (HE-D form and provide a birth certificate or tax return to show dependent status of the Veteran).  Legacy students must maintain an Institutional GPA of a 2.0 or higher to remain eligible for the Hazlewood Legacy benefits.  Lastly, Hazlewood benefits are considered a resource for financial aid purposes.  If you are receiving financial aid in addition to Hazlewood, all documents should be submitted by the posted priority deadline to prevent any overawards.  Any Hazlewood submissions after the priority deadline and after financial aid has disbursed may have their accounts adjusted and may owe money back to the University. 

International Students

International Students should consult with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and International Affairs for additional details at (210) 784-1310.