Jaguar Academic Guide for Success: JAGS


If your academic status is Scholastic Probation, Enforced Withdraw or Academic Dismissal, you are required to complete the JAGS program. You will need to meet with your assigned success coach at least two times each semester and follow the plan laid out to you in the first appointment. 

Before the first appointment, please make sure to follow the directions below as it will save you steps later on.

  1. Log into Blackboard and go into the Academic Success course
  2. Complete the initial paperwork (JAGS assessment and contract)
  3. Submit the paperwork through Blackboard
  4. Schedule your 1st appointment online through EAB-Student Success Collaborative or call 210-784-1307

If you are struggling with how to submit the initial paperwork through Blackboard, please watch the Orientation video in the course.  If you are still having issues at that time, email at

If you already have completed your first appointment this semester with the Student Academic Success Center, please call 210-784-1307 to schedule your follow up appointment.  Remember:  If you do not complete JAGS this term, it will prevent you from registering for the following semester.

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