Cascade Server and UploadFile System


June 20, 2019 - Cascade Server CMS has been restored.  Users are able to log into the system and make edits.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio currently use two systems to maintain their website. A&M-SA currently use Cascade Server (CMS) and UploadFile System. Cascade Server is the content management system used to make content edits to your pages and the UploadFile System is used to upload any documents and images you would like to use on your page.

If you have access to make edits to your pages please use the following links below to log into the system.

If you need assistance with Cascade or the uploadFile system, please contact Fernando Estrada at

How To Documents 


Workflow Process

The Cascade Server content management system workflow is broken down into three roles:

User – In short, the Web Content Users are responsible for creating and editing pages and content within their departments, as well as uploading documents to the UploadFile System. The Web Content Users are the primary source of web development within their departments.

Approver  – The Web Content Approvers are the “second set of eyes” and function as a proofreader for pages/content/documents. The Web Content Approvers can request Web Content Users to make updates to their department pages as well.

Publisher – The publisher for the University is Administrator of Cascade Server; Fernando Estrada. In the final step of the workflow process the publisher will give the pages a final glance to make sure layout of content follows the University Brand Guide before pushing the pages to the web server and making them LIVE and accessible to the public.

Access to Cascade Server and UploadFile System - NetIDs

To access the Cascade Server CMS and UploadFile System a user must activate their TAMU NetID. The NetID is the authentication mechanism you will use to sign into the Cascade Server to create and/or approve your pages.

To request access to Cascade Server (CMS) and UploadFile your department Manager/Director must fill out the Cascade Server NetID request form. Once completed the University Web Manger will contact the employee needing access with additional steps to activate your NETID.