Comments on the conflict in Eastern Europe

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By Office of the President
Thursday, 02 24 2022

Dear A&M-San Antonio Community,
As with others around the world, our University community is watching the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Though thousands of miles away, the conflict touches people in our community, and on our campus. We recognize that these times may cause significant stress and affect the well-being of members of our A&M-San Antonio community and their families.
As a Military-Embracing Institution, we are also keenly aware that our military-connected students and employees may be affected more acutely, whether due to their own experiences of military service, their worry for loved ones who serve, or the uncertainty about the potential impact on them and their families.
I want to remind you all that a range of support services are available to members of the University community affected by the current circumstances, who may be struggling:

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to our military-connected students and employees, as well as the people of Ukraine, and members of the NATO alliance providing humanitarian aid, including our U.S. troops. We wholeheartedly support and honor the brave men and women who serve our nation and work to protect the freedom of both our country and others.
I urge you to keep those in our community who are impacted by the events in Eastern Europe in your thoughts, and please do what you can to provide comfort and support during these tense times.

Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson