San Antonio City Council Approves $7M for Educare Facility

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By Office of the President
Wednesday, 02 09 2022


I am pleased to share the news that the San Antonio City Council approved an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation of $7M to support the proposed construction and development of an Educare-San Antonio early childhood education facility.

Kudos to all who spearheaded the efforts: Dr. Carl Sheperis, Dr. Melissa Jozwiak, Dr. Henri Munoz, Rebecca Viagran, Catherine O’Brien, and Cecile Montanez. Special thanks are also extended to those who participated in the open forums for the bond initiatives. The appropriation from the City of San Antonio would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of these determined individuals.

What is Educare and why is it important?

Educare is a national network of early childhood development centers, and this will be the first to launch in Texas! Educare-San Antonio will truly transform families’ lives and the early childhood ecosystem through innovative, collaborative research, training, and advocacy.  

This state-of-the-art infant, toddler, preschool, and kindergarten site will enhance the future of our youngest learners and serve as a training ground and incubation program for current and future early childhood students and practitioners. Educare-San Antonio is unique in its design and interdisciplinary approach that includes children with special needs and mental health training.

This university-based initiative also aligns with Goal IV of our strategic plan and more specifically objective three, which speaks to building and enhancing partnerships that support excellence, and equitable access to education, community health, and economic development. Educare reflects the mission and values of the university, and our efforts to enhance and strengthen institutional relationships.

Who is involved?

This initiative is a collaborative effort with many partners, including Early Matters, Pre-K 4 SA, AVANCE, The Charles Butt Foundation, the Holt Family Foundation, Workforce Solutions Alamo, and over 20 other organizations working together to develop our moonshot to enhance early childhood development. 

What are the goals?

The goals of the program – to increase access, improve quality, and strengthen the early childhood workforce – are the cornerstone of this initiative and I am proud that A&M-San Antonio and the College of Education and Human Development are leaders in bringing this much needed Center to the South Side.  

Who will be served by Educare?

The Educare School is expected to serve up to 270 students, birth through five years; the school will be open to the community, including our faculty, staff, and parenting students. 

What are next steps?

While we celebrate this investment, there is still additional work to be done before we begin the construction process. The Educare team will continue its outreach to the campus community to gather input on the project as we begin the next phase. I will update you as the project progresses.

Best regards,

Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson