TSI Assessment & Accuplacer

Due to the COVID-19, the Texas A&M-San Antonio Testing Center has temporarily closed and will re-open Monday May 4.


The TSI Assessment and Accuplacer is offered Monday-Friday by appointment at 9:00 a.m. and certain Saturdays by appointment at 9:00 a.m., please call to verify Saturday dates.  Please contact the Testing Center for the current walk-in hours.  Walk-ins are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis, as space becomes available.  Testing candidates must have already completed the Pre-Assessment Activity.  The cost of the TSI Assessment for admitted Texas A&M-San Antonio students is $12.00 per section or $35.00 for all three sections.  Admitted Texas A&M-San Antonio students outside the local San Antonio area can request Remote TSI Voucher, which costs $20.00 for 2 or more sections and $10.00 for 1 section.  Texas A&M-San Antonio Testing Center is an open TSI & Accuplacer testing site.  Students that are admitted to another school can complete the TSI & Accuplacer at our site, but must have their home school issue a voucher.  The TSI & Accuplacer proctoring fee for students with a voucher is $25.00.  

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please see below.

Students local to the San Antonio area can take the TSI through the Texas A&M-San Antonio Testing Center.

If you are ready to take the TSI Assessment

  1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity 
  2. Schedule your exam online here.  Payment will be required when you schedule your exam.

On the day of your exam bring your Pre-Assessment Activity Certificate and a valid government or state issued picture ID.

Students who are outside the local San Antonio area have the option of taking the TSI Assessment at participating Colleges and Universities in your area or through a virtual proctoring service. 

If you are ready to take the TSI Assessment:

  1. Contact A&M-SA to find participating Colleges and Universities in your local area or to learn about virtual proctoring service.  Due to COVID-19, Examity (the virutal proctoring service for the TSI) is currently no longer able to proctor the TSI remotely.  Once they have resumed testing, this site will be updated.  Please check your testing site to see if they are open and operational.
  2. Complete the Remote TSI Proctor Request Form*.
  3. Complete the  Texas A&M-San Antonio Pre-Assessment Activity.  A&M-SA will automatically be selected as the school when you click the above link.  DO NOT change the school to your selected testing site, we will be unable to complete your request until A&M-SA's PAA is completed.  Once you have completed the PAA, email the certificate of completion to Testing.Center@tamusa.edu.  
  4. Pay for your Remote TSI Assessment here.  If you are taking 2 or more sections the cost will be $20.00.  If you are only taking 1 section the cost will be $10.00.  

After these steps are completed, the voucher will be issued and an email will be sent with the TSI Voucher.  The voucher will need to be printed and taken to the local testing center.  Remote TSI Vouchers are issued Friday morning, after the form is submitted, the PAA has been completed, and the payment made.

Contact the participating College or University where you will be taking the exam and schedule an appointment OR set up an appointment with Examity (students are responsible for any proctoring fees that are charged by the local College/University or online proctoring service).

On the day of your exam bring your Pre-Assessment Activity Certificate, TSI voucher, a government issued picture ID, and any items or paperwork the local testing center may require.

*Please note that vouchers are a one time use and you will need to request additional vouchers if one or more sections need to be retaken.  You must complete a request form and pay for each voucher you want issued.