TSI Compliance

Beginning Fall 2019, students who are not college ready in Math must be continuously enrolled in the PAC Math Pathways program or be dropped from their classes. Students who were enrolled prior to Fall 2019 will still follow the terms of their original TSI Agreement that states students will have two semesters to become college ready or they may be placed on Developmental Probation or Suspension. If you have questions about your TSI Agreement, your TSI Status or which PAC Math course you should register for, please contact the TSI Coordinator.

TSI Hold Information

All students who are admitted to the university will have a New Student TSI Hold on their account. Students who are exempt from the TSI will have their records updated and the TSI Hold removed, please click here to see if you qualify for an exemption. If you feel you qualify for one of these exemptions, please contact the TSI Coordinator.

TSI Holds will not be permanently lifted unless a student is exempt from or has passed all areas of the TSI Assessment. All incoming students who are not exempt in ALL three areas of the TSI Assessment (Math, Reading & Writing) must have passing TSI scores for Reading and Writing on file. In addition, students MUST have a score for Math on file with the TSI Office before they will be allowed to attend New Student Orientation or register for classes.

Transfer students will not be permitted to register for classes during early registration until they have:

  • Completed and signed their TSI Agreement
  • Have a TSI Math score on file with the TSI Office

TSI Agreement

The TSI Agreement is a contract between the TSI Office and the student who has not met college readiness standards in Math. The agreement includes information regarding:

  • Student responsibilities
  • FERPA Release

If a student does not sign the TSI Agreement during JAG-X or New Student Orientation, they will receive an email from the TSI Coordinator to set up an appointment so they can sign the agreement.

Developmental Education

Texas A&M University-San Antonio offers a math co-requisite (combination of College Algebra and developmental math) education course through a partnership with Alamo Colleges.  Students will be placed into the correct co-requisite course based on their Math TSI Assessment score.  Students must attend a TSI/PAC Math information session to determine eligibility and learn about all requirements.

Students who have not passed the Math TSI Assessment are required to take a co-requisite mathematics course offered on campus and must be enrolled each semester until TSI complete.  Students can enroll in a developmental mathematics course or a college mathematics course at another institution, but must provide proof of enrollment before the TSI hold will be lifted.  Please note, developmental education courses do not transfer and do not count towards your degree, but can be considered when determining TSI status.

Appointments about the TSI contact:

Melissa De Witt
TSI Coordinator
Phone: (210) 784-1419
Email: Melissa.DeWitt@tamusa.edu