TSI Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TSI?

The Texas Success Initiative, also known as TSI, is a law that requires all entering college students to be assessed for college readiness in reading, writing and math unless the student qualifies for an exemption or demonstrates college readiness through successful completion of college-level coursework.

2. What if I am TSI compliant from another institution?

You will need to provide an official transcript from that institution.

3. Is TSI an admissions requirement?

The TSI is not an admission requirement, however, all new students are required to either take the TSI Assessment or provide proper TSI documentation to the TSI Coordinator.

4. When should I take the TSI Assessment?

You will need to test before you can sign up for New Student Orientation.

5. How can I be exempt from TSI?

Click here for a complete list of TSI exemptions, exceptions, and waivers.

6. What happens if I don’t place into college-level course?

Please speak with the TSI Coordinator Melissa De Witt (210) 784-1419 for additional options.

7. How much is the TSI Assessment?

The TSI Assessment is $12 per section or $35 for all sections for students testing at the A&M-SA. For students requiring remote testing the fee is $20 for 2 or more sections or $10.00 for 1 section.

8. Can I retake the TSI Assessment?

Yes. You can retake the TSI Assessment, but we recommend that you speak to the TSI Coordinator Melissa De Witt (210) 784-1419 prior to retaking the exam.

9. When and where is the TSI Assessment offered?

The A&M-SA Testing Center offers the TSI Assessment by appointment or as a walk-in, on a first-come first-serve, as space becomes available. Please contact the Testing Center at (210) 784-1366 for available testing dates and times.  The exam can also be provided remotely for students living outside of the local area.

10. When will I receive my scores?

Scores are available upon completion of the TSI Assessment and students will be provided a copy of their score report. Students will be referred to the TSI Coordinator, who will interpret the TSI Assessment scores and provide students with their next steps.

11. I’ve already taken the TSI Assessment. How do I get my scores to you?

Please complete the online Score Report Request Form. Your scores will be retrieved within 5 business days and entered into your educational record.

12. I’m ready to take the TSI Assessment. What now?

Complete the steps provided on the TSI page of the Testing Center website, don't forget to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity.

13. Who can I contact if I have more questions about TSI?

Please contact the TSI Coordinator if you have questions about your TSI status - Melissa.DeWitt@tamusa.edu | (210) 784-1419

For questions about scheduling or the Pre-Assessment Activity, please contact the Testing Center - Testing.Center@tamusa.edu | (210) 784-1366