Computing and Cyber Security

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Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences in Information Technology (BAAS-IT)

The purpose of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) is to offer students with formal training in a vocational-technical studies area the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree without the significant loss of credits that normally occurs when pursuing a traditional degree. This program is especially appropriate for graduates of an Associate of Applied Science program. The degree is designed to afford both academic and professional depth to individuals who possess recognized competence in an occupational or technical field. It is designed to offer flexibility that will permit tailoring the program to the student's background and educational objectives.

The student must complete a baccalaureate degree plan (120 semester hours minimum) consisting of 36 hours in residence and transfer credit which includes the following:
1. General Education, Prerequisites and Electives (Minimum of 42 semester hours): This  component is made up of freshman and sophomore-level courses which meet each of the criteria identified by the university as important aspects of a general education listed in the General Education Requirements.

2. Area of Specialization (18-42 semester hours): Credits toward the area of specialization may be earned from regionally accredited junior or community colleges and vocational or technical schools; credits may also be earned through armed forces training when that work can be equated to college credit. Specialization hours must be completed prior to enrollment in a BAAS degree plan.

3. Professional Development (36 semester hours): The courses taken in this area are to be chosen to provide academic depth and breadth to the area of specialization and, in addition, afford substantive developmental knowledge in the student's professional career goals. The component focuses on areas of learning directly related to upward mobility and further extends a student's knowledge, skill and expertise. The professional development sequence of 36 semester hours CISA/CSCI courses. The professional sequence will be tailored to each student's needs.

Candidates for the BAAS–IT degree must complete a minimum of 36 CISA/CSCI hours in residence. Candidates for the BAAS–IT Information Assurance (Cyber Security) concentration must  complete a minimum of 36 specific cyber security CISA/CSCI hours in residence for them to be eligible for the Cyber Defense Certificate.

Additional requirements for graduation:
Must receive a grade of “C” or better in all MATH, CSCI and CISA core and their associated prerequisites for a satisfactory passing grade

A minimum average GPA of 2.25 must be maintained in all CISA and CSCI core and elective courses to remain in the program. Applies to transfer courses also

Academic courses cannot be counted towards technical/ vocational credits 

Technical / vocational credits from non-approved colleges requires department head  and Dean approval

Academic or technical / vocational courses must be completed within previous five years of admission to A&M-SA

Students completing the BAAS-IT Information Assurance and Cyber Security concentration are eligible for the NSA/DHS Cyber Defense Education Certificate.

BAAS IT Information Assurance and Security Concentration Degree Plan