NSF Grant Projects

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Implementation Activities

Virtual Summer Training Workshop for Instructors: August 2020

Due to the continued growth of the COVID-crisis, a one-day summer training workshop is virtually held at A&M-SA to ensure effective integration of the cyber security modules and the MEAs developed into the various computing courses.  A&M-SA PIs provide the necessary materials and coach the instructors of the various computing courses on how to adapt their classroom to achieve the teaching goals and learning outcomes using the cyber security modules and MEAs.

Project Implementation of Cyber Security Modules with Model-Eliciting Activities, Fall 2019

To assess the effectiveness of incorporating security modules with the MEA into the curriculum of Computer   Science, d uring the fall 2019 semester, a set of security modules was taught and an MEA semester project was implemented in programming courses at both A&M-SA and SAC.
Summer Training Workshop for Computing Instructors, May 2019

The project management team hosted a Two-Day Summer Training Workshop for Computing Instructors who are from the partner institutions, San Antonio College (SAC) and Laredo College, as well as A&M-SA on May 28-29, 2019. The workshop not only provided hands-on training activities on cybersecurity modules and Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) but also discussed the project evaluation and research assessment methodologies.

Poster Presentations at the Annual Texas HSI Consortium and NSF HSI PI Meeting, 2019
PI, Yang gave poster presentations at the Annual Texas HSI Consortium San Antonio, TX in May 2019 and the NSF HSI Program PI Meeting, November 2019, Washington, DC.