The Works of Kathy Sosa
Kathy Sosa moved to San Antonio from Alabama as a child and immediately fell in love with the blended culture of the Texas-Mexico border region. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at St. Mary’s University, she spent years in advertising and political consulting. Kathy began her life as a painter during her late 40’s and embraced the artistic expressions of the Mestisaje culture. Her work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Latino Center in Washington D.C. and regionally in Texas; it has also been featured on CNN and in various publications.

“Everything in my body of work is about the Mestizo culture that I live in, and I would like to bring to people’s attention to the very cool things about the blended culture in the Texas-Mexico border land… It’s a distinct culture of its own” ---Kathy Sosa

Tree of Life Series
The artist celebrates the Mestizo Culture:  the blending of the Texas/Mexican-American culture.  She combines a traditional Mexican ceramic Tree of Life form with the female form.  Some see the Tree of Life around her head as a headdress and some see it as a crown. While it is relatable to those, Kathy Sosa says it is more akin to a thought bubble, what the wearer is concerned about. It is a platform to talk about anything in the Mestizo culture of San Antonio, Texas.

Kathy Sosa (American, b. 20th Century)
Jaguar on my Shoulder:  Texas A&M on my Mind
Oil on canvas
Signed l.r.
60 x 60 inches

Commissioned by Texas A&M University-San Antonio, this Tree of Life depicts pieces of a woman’s university experience. Not only does the viewer see the jaguars, flags and architectural elements, the butterfly has been included by the artist, which is symbolic of the transformation a woman goes through once earning her college degree. Through this metamorphosis, she is ready to take flight.