Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Welcome to the Theta Kappa Chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society – a national honor society designed exclusively for transfer students!  Our mission is to "recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfers students."  Tau Sigma provides its members opportunities to earn scholarships, attend leadership conferences, take leadership positions in the university, serve others at the university and in the community, all while developing friendships and becoming a more integral part of the university to which they transferred!

Fall 2020 Executive Board "e-board"

  • Chapter President: Cheyenne Zavala
  • Chapter Vice President: Samantha Muñiz
  • Chapter Secretary: Viridiana "Vi" Gomez
  • Chapter Tresurer: Dennis Pendley
  • Social Media Coordinator: Stephanie Martinez
  • Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Balandran

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Transfer Student Newsletter: The Silver Bullet 

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