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TurnItIn is a resource used to assist Faculty and Students with improving the writing cycle process by preventing plagiarism. Faculty and Students can access TurnItIn via the instructor's Blackboard course. Please note:  You no longer can access TurnitIn via the turnitIn website; please use the tool in Blackboard Learn.

Through TurnItIn, Faculty can also edit and grade student's papers online, by adding comments in the body of the paper. Below is a listing of training resources, and tutorials that will help you as you begin to use TurnItIn.  If you would like more information on how to use TurnItIn, please contact the Center for Academic Innovation Staff or the ITS Help Desk at (210)784- HELP.  

Related Resources:

The Library's TurnItIn Resource Page

TurnItIn Created Student Resources:
  • OrigininaltyCheck Overview
  • Viewing Originality Reports
  • GradeMark overview
  • Viewing Grades in the GradeBook



TurnItIn Faculty Resources:
  • Understanding Originality Check
  • Viewing the originality Reports through OriginalityCheck
  • GradeMark Overview
  • GradeMark Interactive Tutorial
  • Making Marks and Comments
  • Tracking Grades in Blackboard Learn and the GradeBook