Myunghoon Roh, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Northeastern University
M.A., Public Administration, Brown University

Assistant Professor

Central Academic Building 349A
Office (210) 784-2237



Dr. Roh received his PhD in criminology and justice policy from the Northeastern University in Boston. Roh is originally from South Korea, where he received his BA in English from Han-Kuk University of Foreign Studies. His research interests are guided by two general themes; internal and external characteristics on criminal behavior. More specifically, he is interested in the variation in patterns of decision making across suicide and homicide behaviors. Most recently, his research has published in International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience, arguing criminology theories can explain the suicidal acts and the mechanisms from risk factors to suicidal acts. Following the stream analogy of lethal violence, Roh argues that both suicide and homicide are the two sides of the same phenomena. Roh is currently involved in additional research projects with microbiologist, kinesiologist, computer scientist, and applied mathematician which examines the link between criminological theory and other disciplines. Professor Roh’s methodological interests include structural equation modeling, HLM, and DNA sequencing. His teaching interests include statistics, research methods, and criminology theory.

Research Area: Criminology Theory, Microbiome, Suicidal Acts, Computational Criminology.

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