Welcome to Electronic Systems Engineering Technology!

A&M-San Antonio offers* a B.S. degree program in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) geared toward professional opportunities in manufacturing, avionics, medical electronics, energy industries, and infrastructure support for service industries. We provide instruction with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and with a curriculum designed for hands-on learning. Our industry partners will involve students in projects at their facilities so that our graduates’ orientation toward the profession is shaped by both theory and practice.
*Subject to approval by SACS-COC

Careers in ESET
Engineering Technologists apply engineering and scientific knowledge combined with technical skills to support engineering activities. An engineering team consists of Engineering Scientists, Engineers, Engineering Technologists, and Engineering Technicians. Engineering Technologists’ areas of interest and education are application-oriented. They typically concentrate their activities on applied design, using current engineering practice. Engineering Technologists play key roles on the engineering team – in product development, manufacturing, product assurance, sales, and program management. Internships in industries, along with excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills, is a proven way to secure a job for a new graduate.

The following are the sequential course requirements for the B.S. degree in ESET. 

Year 1 – Fall (13 Hours)

UNIV 1301 First Year Seminar

CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I  

ENGL 1301 Composition I

ENTC 1301 Principles of Engineering Technology 

Year 1 – Spring (15 Hours)


HIST 1301 U.S. History to 1865

MATH 2312 Pre-Calculus

ENGL 2311 Technical Writing

HIST 1302 U.S. History since 1865

Year 2 – Fall (15 Hours)

CSCI 1436 Programming Fundamentals I

MATH 2113 Calculus I Lab

MATH 2313 Calculus I 

ESET 2101 AC and DC Circuits Lab

ESET 2301 AC and DC Circuits 

GOVT 2305 Federal Government

Year 2 – Spring (15 Hours)

CSCI 1437 Programming Fundamentals II

MATH 2114 Calculus II Lab

MATH 2314 Calculus II 

ESET 2102 Analog Circuits Lab

ESET 2302 Analog Circuits 

GOVT 2306 Texas Government


Year 3 – Fall (14 Hours)

PHYS 2125 University Physics I Lab

PHYS 2325 University Physics I

ESET 3101 Digital Electronics with Lab

ESET 3301 Digital Electronics

SPCH 1315 Fundamentals of Public Speaking


Year 3 – Spring (17 Hours)

ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics

PHYS 2126 University Physics II Lab

PHYS 2326 University Physics II

ESET 3102 Foundations of Wireless Communication I Lab

ESET 3302 Foundations of Wireless Communication I 

ESET 3104 Programmable Logic Controllers Lab

ESET 3304 Programmable Logic Controllers 

Year 4 – Fall (14 Hours)

STEM 4101 Jaguar Track IV: Science and Mathematics

ESET 3103 Foundations of Wireless Communication II Lab

ESET 3303 Foundations of Wireless Communication II

ESET 4101 Control Systems Lab

ESET 4201 Control Systems  

ESET 4102 Electronics Testing Lab

ESET 4202 Electronics Testing

ESET Elective 

Year 4 – Spring (16 Hours)

ESET 3104 Programmable Logic Controllers Lab

ESET 3304 Programmable Logic Controllers 

ESET 3105 Near and Far Field Communication Lab

ESET 3205 Near and Far Field Communication 

ESET Elective

ESET Elective

ESET 4304 Electronic Systems Capstone Project

Program Contact Information
Dr. M.K. Balasubramanya
Chair, Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
CAB 311 G
Phone: (210) 784-2224
E-Mail: Mirley.Balasubramanya@tamusa.edu

Ms. Cynthia Alejos
Business Administrator I
CAB 311
Phone: (210) 784-2225
E-Mail: Cynthia.Alejos@tamusa.edu