Water Resources Science & Technology

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Suggested Schedule of Coursework for M.S. Degree in WateRST

This page provides a semester-by-semester coursework schedule in order for students to fulfill the requirements to graduate with a Master of Science degree in Water Resources Science and Technology.


  • The sample schedule is designed for a two-year study plan. Students should discuss with their academic advisor and set their own scheduling plan.
  • Courses may not be offered every semester. Please check the course listing. 
Year 1, Fall Semester Schedule

Year 1, Fall Semester

Core Courses

WATR 5111: Water Resources Science and Technology Graduate Seminar 1
WATR 5314: Pollutants in Environmental Systems 3
WATR 5315: Advanced Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Systems 3


WATR 5350: Groundwater Management and Field Investigations 3
WATR 5360: Water Resource Sustainable Use and Conservation Policy and Practice 3
WATR 5370: US-Mexico Borderlands and Interjurisdictional Water Issues and Policies 3
Semester SCH 7 (Req'd) + at least 3 (Elect.)
Year 1, Spring Semester Schedule

Year 1, Spring Semester

Core Courses WATR 5320: Statistical Methods in Research 3


WATR 5214: Nexus of Water, Energy, and Food 2
WATR 5325: Natural and Constructed Green Systems for Wastewater Management 3
WATR 5335: Desalination Processes and Emerging Technologies 3
Semester SCH 3 (Req'd) + at least 5 (Elect.)
Year 2, Fall Semester Schedule

Year 2, Fall Semester

Core Courses

WATR 5312: Desalination Processes and Emerging Technologies 3
WATR 5305: Research Project (Professional Track) or WATR 5306-1: Thesis proposal (Research Track) 3


WATR 5345: Environmental Impact Assessment of Water Resources 3
WATR 5322: Wastewater Treatment for Direct and Indirect Uses 3
WATR 5355: Institutions and Their Role in Water Resources Management 3
Semester SCH 6 (Req'd) + at least 3 (Elect.)
Year 2, Spring Semester Schedule

Year 2, Spring Semester

Core Courses WATR 5306-2: Thesis Completion (Research Track) 3
Electives WATR 5365: Water Policy Institution Internship 3
Semester SCH 3 (Req'd) + at least 3 (Elect.)