Water Resources Science & Technology

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Ten Reasons to Study at WateRST

Why consider a career in the water and wastewater industry?

Why do you need a baccalaureate degree?
  • Prepare to use and develop new technologies associated with water treatment, supply, management, and emergency response...
  • Pursue career advancement from daily operation to project management, and high-level organizational supervisory and managerial positions...
Why A&M-SA’s WateRST program?
  • Competency. The water industry is a highly interdisciplinary domain. A professional water operator or engineer needs a competent technical capacity to meet the demand of stakeholders for services, as well as the social, economic, and political realities of the community served. Why would you settle for yesterday’s curricula when you are facing tomorrow’s challenge?
  • Innovations. The program is responsive to the needs of the water industry whose workers are adaptive to regulatory changes and rapid incorporation of new technologies into facility operation and renovation.
  • Accessibility. The program is accessible to industry training programs, and provide ample mentorship and internship opportunities.
  • Global vision, local action! Southcentral Texas is experiencing unprecedented growth in population and economy. The water industry expects to continuously expand its job market to fill the needs of regional water security.