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The Math Club at TAMU-SA strives to encourage, educate, and enhance the experience of students with an interest in math at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The club provides members with the opportunities to make essential and lasting connections with peers and professionals in the field through math-enriched student and community activities.

Regardless of whether you are the next Einstein or the thought of math terrifies you...
... The Math Club will help make a smooth transition from wherever you are coming from to the mathematics at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Our students and staff are comprised of people of all mathematical levels, each one with a desire to enhance your future.

Student Services

Peer Tutoring – Senior members and peers enrolled in the same courses can provide one-on-one tutoring and group study sessions to promote effective study habits and a strong support base for students enrolled in math courses. 
Information Share – Receive important information regarding your program and desired field of work. Scholarship, conference, exam, program, class schedule, and other topics are discussed. 
Book Inventory – Members can provide incoming and current math students with the opportunity to borrow/purchase hard-to-find and expensive textbooks from their peers and upperclassmen. 

Meetings held monthly...

For Peer-2-Peer study group or meeting schedule email the Math Club.

TAMU-SA is growing! We want to work to better equip our students to succeed in all their mathematical and other educational endeavors. Let us know how we can help!

President: Michelle Thompson-

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Francesca Keith –