Ray Wooten Ph.D., LPC-S


Madla 363
Phone: 210-784-2588
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Ray Wooten Ph.D., LPC-S, is a professor at Texas A&M University in San Antonio. He is a registered somatic movement therapist and educator (RSMT). His interests are body-centered psychotherapy and creating a culture of embodied practice in counseling.

  • Research Interests
    • Embodied social justice approaches for counselors
    • Body, embodiment, and movement in marriage and family counseling
    • Breath, Movement, and Mindfulness to promote physical and emotional wellness

  • Courses
    • EDCG 5314 Theoretical Foundations of Marriage and Family Counseling
    • EDCG 5308 Clinical Treatment of Couples and Families
    • EDCG 5314 Advanced Topics
    • EDCG 5359 Advanced Practicum

  • Publications
    • Turner, R., Wooten, R., & Chou, W. (2019). Changing suicide bereavement narratives through Integral Breath Therapy. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health (In Press).
    • Munsey, R. & Wooten, R. (2015). Body-centered self-defense with sexual assault victims. Journal of Professional Counseling, 42, 17-27.

  • Community Involvement
    • Provides individual counseling, couples and family therapy, groups, children/adolescence, body-centered Gestalt psychotherapy. Conducts educational and therapeutic programs and workshops for the public and counseling professionals.