The Reading Program Area at Texas A&M University San Antonio supports literacy instruction at the Bachelor and Master levels.  The Reading Program does not offer an undergraduate degree in Reading. However, the Reading Program does offer undergraduate courses in Reading.

Masters of Science in Reading

This program offers an in-depth theoretical and pedagogical understanding of literacy practices for teachers of early elementary education, secondary education and reading assessment and intervention. The degree program offers specific  understanding about the nature of literacy development, paying particular attention to the acquisition of reading and its knowledge and skills through the close inspection of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension,  spelling, writing, motivation, and assessment for the instruction of students with diverse learning and literacy needs. The program meets standards suggested by the International Literacy Association as well as the standards set worth by the state of Texas for Reading Specialists and Master Reading Teachers. The program prepares graduates for positions as literacy coaches, reading specialists, master reading teachers and literacy administrators. 

The Master of Science in Reading  is a 36-hour program. Twenty-seven hours of required reading courses constitute the core of the program with an additional nine hours of literacy elective courses. The program offers three tracks to receive a degree or certification.  Track 1  is intended for those teachers who wish to receive a M.S. in Reading and Reading Specialist Certification.  Track 2 is for those individuals who are pursuing a M.S. in Reading only. Track 3 is for those teachers who already have a Master’s degree in another education field but would like to pursue the Reading Specialist certification only.  Taking specialized courses in reading with additional requirements by the state including testing and applicable experience allows students to earn certification in the area of reading, including possible Master Reading Teacher Certification and/or Reading Specialist Certification.

Each applicant must submit their application and required documents by the appropriate semester deadline to the Office of Admissions. The application is available online at Apply Texas. For questions regarding the application process, please  contact the Welcome Center at (210) 784-1300. Please mail official transcripts to Texas A&M University-San Antonio • ATTN: Graduate Admissions • One University Way • San Antonio, TX 78224.