Educational Administration – Superintendency Certification Only

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Certification Requirements

I. Required Core Coursework (15 semester credit hours) 

Course Number Course Name Course Prerequisites Grade Semester Completed
EDAD 5317 Workshop: Advanced School Problems Admission to the certification program
EDAD 5351 Staff and Pupil Personnel Administration Admission to the certification program
EDAD 5352 Educational Facilities Planning Admission to the certification program
EDAD 5381 Administration & Management of Special Programs Admission to the certification program
EDAD 5385 Superintendency Internship Admission to the certification program


  1. 160 clock hours are required for the Superintendency Internship (EDAD 5385). 80 hours will be completed in the Fall semester and 80 to be completed in the Spring semester.
  2. After successful completion of the first semester of courses, students may take the Superintendent (064) Practice Exam.
  3. A graduate student must complete all requirements for each specific graduate program within five years of initial registration for that program. Graduate credits older than those stipulated are not applicable toward a graduate degree without written approval from the Director of Graduate Studies. (Taken from the Graduate catalogue.)
Course sequencing:

Fall Semester Spring Semester
EDAD 5317  EDAD 5351
EDAD 5352 EDAD 5381
EDAD 5385

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