Educational Diagnostic Certification

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Certification Requirements

I. Background Requirements and Transfer Courses 

Course Number Course Name Course Prerequisites Grade SEMTaken
EDSE 5321 Accommodating Diverse Populations (Or Equiv.) none

II. Required Coursework (24 semester credit hours)

Course Number Course Name Course Prerequisites Grade SEMTaken
EDSE 5322 Educational Testing and Measurement EDSE 5321
EDSE 5324 Designing Instructional & Behavioral Programs for Spec Educ EDSE 5321
EDSE 5325 Development and Disability EDSE 5321
EDSE 5327 Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation, & Advocacy EDSE 5321
EDSE 5351 Advanced Behavior Analysis and Interventions EDSE 5321
EDSE 5374 Educational & Psychological Measurement & Eval EDSE 5321, 5322
EDSE 5375 Advanced Practicum in SPED Assessment (Intern I) EDSE 5321, 5322, 5374
EDSE 5376 Individual Psychological and Educational Assessment (Intern II) EDSE 5321, 5322, 5375


1) Total number of hours for the Educational Diagnostician Certificate is 24 hours.

2) To be eligible to receive the Standard Educational Diagnostician Certificate a student must: (a) successfully complete the above coursework, (b) successfully pass the certification exam, (c ) hold a master's degree from an accredited institution education, and (d) have two school years of classroom teaching experience in a public or accredited private school.

Department of Curriculum and Kinesiology - Approved Fall 2009 - Effective Fall 2012