Master of Education in Special Education

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General Information

The Master of Education in Special Education is one of the most versatile graduate degrees offered at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The Special Education program offers students a broad understanding within the theoretical and practical constructs which support practices for children with special needs that are socially, culturally and individually appropriate. The program emphasizes practical application of knowledge gained while encouraging current research analysis. The goal of the program is for graduates to develop the skills to engage in issues of advocacy with children who have special needs and their families.

Who Should Apply?

The Special Education professional will be afforded various opportunities to work with students, their families, other professionals and the community to enable students with special needs to become productive members of society. Therefore, this degree program focuses on developing the skills and thought processes of both certified and non-certified professionals who work with the spectrum of children with special needs. Additionally, this program assists with the continuing education of students who are pursuing teacher certification along with a graduate degree.

Program Details

The Master of Education in Special Education degree requires a total of thirty-six hours of graduate coursework. The degree affords the student a choice of three specialization areas: Assessment (Educational Diagnostician Certification), Instructional Specialist, and an Autism/Emotional Disturbed focus. A “certificate only” plan is also available for professional educators who have a master’s and wish to seek TEA certification as an Educational Diagnostician. The Capstone Experience for the Master of Education includes three options. Students may elect to complete a Graduate Research Project, a Thesis or they may choose the Non-Thesis option. Additional coursework may be required depending on the option selected. All students, regardless of the Capstone Experience option chosen, will complete a Comprehensive Exam.


Students who apply to the Master in Special Education program should have a broad base in one or more of the following areas:

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Special Education

Graduate Curricula in Special Education (36 credit hours)

EDSE 5304

Research in Special Education

3 credit hours

EDSE 5305

Graduate Research Project

3 credit hours

EDSE 5307

Research Seminar: Gifted Education

3 credit hours

EDSE 5313

Special Populations: Legislation, Litigation and Advocacy

3 credit hours

EDSE 5320

Special Problems: Advanced Behavioral Interventions

3 credit hours

EDSE 5321

Accommodating Diverse Populations in the Classroom

3 credit hours

EDSE 5322

Educational Testing and Measurement for Exceptional Learners

3 credit hours

EDSE 5323

Curriculum Adaptations for Exceptional Bilingual Students

3 credit hours

EDSE 5324

Behavioral Aspects of Classroom Organization and Management

3 credit hours

EDSE 5354

Emotional Disorders and Related Disorders

3 credit hours

EDSE 5364

Designing Instructional and Behavioral Programs for Special Populations

3 credit hours

EDSE 5365

Advanced Practicum in Special Education

3 credit hours

EDSE 5366

Individual Psychological and Educational Evaluation

3 credit hours

EDSE 5373

Development and Disability

3 credit hours

Application Process

Each applicant must submit their application and required documents by the appropriate semester deadline to the Office of Admissions. The application is available online at Apply Texas. For questions regarding the application process, please contact the Welcome Center at (210)-784-1300. Please mail official transcripts to Texas A&M University-San Antonio, ATTN: Graduate Admissions, One University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224.

Graduate Admissions Information: (210) 784-1300 | Information about this program: (210) 784-2552

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