Important Announcements

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, all face-to-face classes, seminars, practice testing, study sessions and remediation have been halted until further notice.  

TExES Practice Test Information

 All face-to-face practice tests have been halted until further notice. 

TExES Practice Exams are being offered on Blackboard using the ProctorU software.  Students are required to have the following: 1) a laptop or desktop; 2) reliable internet; 3) a quiet place to test.  Students will need to download the ProctorU extension on their device prior to the practice test session. 

Blackboard TExES exams are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

A registration link for the practice test is available on Blackboard for EDFR courses.  If you are not currently in an EDFR course, please contact the EPP office for a registration link.

 Practice Test Reminders

  •  Students who are EC-6 or 4-8 core content MUST sign up for all sections of the Blackboard/ProctorU practice test.  The only exceptions to this rule are 1) if students have passed one or more sections within the past 90 days or 2) if a student has passed one or more sections of the TExES exam.  If either of these exceptions apply, then the student can sign up for only the section(s) that still need to be passed.
  • Students must pass the Blackboard/ProctorU practice test with an 80 or better on all sections in order to have the TExES test opened for them.
  • There is a 30-day waiting period for retesting.  This is true for both the Blackboard/ProctorU practice exams and the TExES exams. Students who do not pass the TExES exam do NOT need to wait 30 days before taking the Blackboard/ProctorU exam.  They do, however, need to pass the practice Blackboard/ProctorU exam before being allowed to retake the TExES exam.
  • Students must pass the TExES core content exam FIRST.  Students will not be allowed to take any other practice exams (including the PPR) until the TExES core content exam has been passed.
  • Students must pass the TExES core content exam by December 7, 2020 to qualify for clinical teaching during the spring 2021 semester.
  • Students who are seeking a certification in 2 core contents (any core + special education) must pass BOTH TExES exams in order to be placed in a dual placement during clinical teaching.  If only one TExES core content exam is passed, then the student will be placed in that area and will be recommended for certification in that area only.  If this happens, the student can then take the other content area exam after they have obtained a standard certification.

TExES Test Reminders

  • Candidates must complete a Test Approval Request to have a TExES exam opened.  The Test Approval Request can be accessed by clicking here.  Candidates who have do not yet have a Standard Certificate will need to have the EPP open TExES tests for them.  
  • The EPP will only open one (1) TExES exam at a time for candidates.
  • Candidates will need to pass the Core Content TExES exam before taking the PPR exam.
  • There is a 30 day waiting period to retake TExES exams.