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Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso was born in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico, about 2 hours southwest of Eagle Pass, Texas on September 3, 1955. His family came to the United States in 1965 and settled in Pearsall, Texas where he graduated from high school.
Dr. Jasso takes special pride in sharing that he has picked and stacked watermelons as well as irrigated them, hoed peanuts as well as thrashed them, sacked them, and loaded many trucks. He has worked cabbage, picked spinach, peppers, squash, picked and irrigated cotton, planted, fertilized, picked and boxed potatoes and cantaloupes. He has vaccinated, insiminated, branded cattle, and worked on a pig farm. Dr. Jasso has spent many hours driving a tractor, bailing hay, and working the land. He attributes much of his success to these experiences, loving parents, a wonderful wife, and his belief in our lord, Jesus Christ.
After graduating from Pearsall High School in 1974, he attended Pan American University in Edinburgh, Texas on a baseball scholarship and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Elementary Education, endorsements in bilingual and English as a Second Language, and High School English and Spanish certifications.
In 1982, he earned a Master of Education Degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. In 1985, Dr. Jasso earned a mid-management certificate and in 1992 a Superintendent’s Certificate. Dr. Jasso has taught elementary, middle, and high school levels in San Antonio and in Dilley, Texas. In Dilley, he served as High School Counselor and ESL and Bilingual Coordinator.
In 1986, Dr. Jasso became the Instructional Officer for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages for the Harlandale Independent School District. For fifteen years, Dr. Jasso served the Harlandale community in different administrative capacities, such as Federal Programs Director in charge of providing leadership in Bilingual/ESL Education, Career and Technology, State Compensatory Education, and Title I Programs. He also served as Director of Gifted and Talented and Director of Special Education.
In 1996, Dr. Jasso was assigned Principal of Leal Middle School where he contributed for three years. In 1999 he was assigned Principal of the Harlandale Evening High School Program, a program that he restructured and transformed it into the Harlandale Extended Learning Center. In two years, this Center was awarded seven awards by the Texas Community Education Association for excellence and creative programming.
Dr. Jasso has contributed to the communities he has served as the President of the Board of Directors for Wesley Community Centers in San Antonio, Finance Officer for the United Way in Bay City, Ex-Officio member of the SISD Education Foundation and a serving member of the City South Management Authority. He believes that service to the community defines leadership.
Dr. Jasso received his doctorate degree in public executive leadership from the University of Texas at Austin in May of 1999. His six year leadership as Superintendent of Schools for Southside ISD his leadership team delivered over 60 initiatives that were First Time in the History events/activities for the District including the establishment of an Education Foundation, the Police Explorer Program, Cardinal Fest, the first Exemplary Schools, and the first time SISD was a Recognized District.
Dr. Jasso, with 36 years of service to public schools and 13 years of Superintendent experience now contributes to Texas A&M – San Antonio as Director of Superintendent Studies. He is in his 3rd year of service as director and is currently working on the preparation of Aspiring Superintendent leadership cohorts.

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