COVID Testing FAQs

  • Students who do not comply with mandatory testing will face student conduct code violation up to suspension for the remainder of the semester.
  • Employees (faculty and staff) who do not comply with mandatory testing will not be eligible for merit increases and/or may have a disciplinary letter placed in their personnel file.

As noted in the August 14, 2022, update to faculty and staff, the following groups participated in mandatory testing: on-campus residents (prior to move-in), student-athletes, and students participating in recreational sports (mandatory testing at regular intervals); and all first-year students who participated in JagX, August 14-18.

Faculty who have questions regarding classroom management and accommodations should contact their department and Human Resources.

A copy of the memo (August 3, 2021) can be viewed here.

A record of off-campus test results will not be retained by the University.

For students who are not frequently or regularly on campus, such as those enrolled only in online classes, mandatory testing is not required. If you are going to visit campus, such as to pay a bill or attend an on-campus event, we encourage you to follow the safety and health guidance.

A self-wellness screening tool is now available on the Jaguar App. To sign up, go here. You may be asked by your instructor to show that you completed the self-wellness screening.