Comprehensive Expansion

Texas A&M-San Antonio, as a young institution, will become a national model of student & academic success utilizing deliberate, intentional processes to improve student learning. With the rapid approach of Texas A&M University-San Antonio becoming a comprehensive 4 year university, accepting 1st and 2nd year students and offering lower level courses, many factors need to be considered to make this process a smooth transition. The University's downward expansion is pending approval by SACSCOC.  A National Model of Student & Academic Success Working Group was created and a High Impact Practices Action Plan & Student Pathway to Success Plan is under development. This Super Committee is tasked with meeting weekly to:

  • Develop a definition of student success at Texas A&M University-San Antonio
  • What will it take to be student-ready?
  • Proposing intentional-deliberate practices that will enable our students to be successful
  • Embrace mind-set, mindfulness, and a sense of belonging
  • Create a data-driven culture
  • Embrace learning outcomes that integrate high impact practices
  • Create a teaching-learning culture of experiential learning for every student