Self-Reporting Travel Form

Texas A&M University-San Antonio is actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. While our community is currently at low risk, the Texas A&M University System has advised that its campuses should:

  1. Discourage all foreign travel for faculty, staff and students;
  2. Suspend all University-sponsored international travel for faculty and staff through May 1, 2020 (may be extended at a later date); and
  3. Direct all faculty, staff and students to report any recent international travel (personal or professional) to Level 1 or higher risk countries (as of 3/9/20, this includes China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong).

As the University tries to ensure its compliance with System guidelines and protect the health and safety of our campus community, we ask that you inform University officials about any recent travel to high-risk countries through the self-reporting travel form below.

Though not required by the A&M System, we’d also appreciate your voluntary self-report of any planned personal international travel, or any domestic travel to states in which there are known instances of community transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Your information will only be used to ensure compliance with A&M System protocols and policies for mitigating the risk of COVID-19. Thank you for your help in ensuring the safety of our community.

Risk Management Group, COVID-19